Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is extended auto warranty?

Extended auto warranty protects you from the unexpected. When your vehicle warranty ends, it covers for costs that can arise.

2. Does my car qualify?

We typically assist customers who own vehicles from the year 2000 or later. We’ll locate the best plan for your needs while taking into account a variety of criteria such as your budget. Our goal is to assist you with your extended auto warranty protection wherever possible.

3. Do I really need extended warranty?

Having a vehicle can be aggravating over time, especially as the vehicle ages. An extended warranty will ensure that any unexpected costs are covered by your insurance policy. It has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

4. What is covered under my plan?

Our plans help with parts, labor and roadside assistance that you may need on your vehicle.

5. What does extended warranty really do?

You can save money by purchasing an extended warranty. This means you may drive your out-of-warranty vehicle with confidence. This peace of mind will ensure that thousands of dollars are saved.

6. What part types are covered under my plan?

Various sections that you need to fix are covered depending on the plan you choose. Again, it varies on the plan type, but we make certain to include the most crucial aspects in our coverage.

7. How do I file a claim?

Our coverage usage is easy. When you are on a plan of ours and a breakdown does occur we can deal directly with a certified shop (get in touch with us to learn more). We work out the situation with them and can pay directly.

8. When can I use my policy protection plan?

If there is a breakdown, your policy will kick in. This is why purchasing an extended warranty can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

9. Can I keep renewing?

Yes your plan will be renewable and will be notified with the terms of renewal.